Here's just a small sampling of the little heroes we've helped over the years.

Our son, Joseph

Our son, Joseph

Joseph | Louisiana

Joseph battled brain cancer and entered Heaven on December 11, 2011


Olivia | Hawaii

Olivia battled aggressive brain cancer



Vincent | Uganda

Vincent is an orphan in Uganda that battled eye cancer. His parents could not afford to treat or feed him so he was turned over to an orphanage. Joseph's Joy was able to pay $500 to have his eye removed and save his life.


Joel | Louisiana

Joel is a battling Pulmonary Hypertension and is in fight of his life. He and his parents have been battling fervently for almost two years. 


Leyel | France

Leyel battled an aggressive rare cancer

Rome | Louisiana

Rome is battling a rare genetic disorder. His single mom and older sister take amazing care of him.